UPDATE: Glenn Spencer engaged to ESPN personality Jeannine Edwards

Written by Kyle Porter

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UPDATE (4:30 P.M.): The Big Lead has confirmed with ESPN PR that the couple is in fact engaged. Pretty wild stuff.

In your “wait, what” story of the week — Glenn Spencer and Jeannine Edwards, have been dating for a while now and also might have recently gotten engaged (I can’t confirm that part though).

The two met during Edwards’ time covering OSU over the last year.

Edwards, who works for ESPN as a college hoops and college football reporter, interestingly got her start in horse racing.

Here’s a weird video of Kenny Mayne taking video of her riding a horse.

She’s probably best known for getting Ron Franklin fired or the time last year when Dabo lifted her over his head.

Spencer, who is the newly named defensive coordinator for the Pokes, is from Georgia. Most of you probably remember that he’s the one whose¬†wife passed away 17 months ago¬†after the Tulsa game.

This is a pretty odd pairing, but hey, whatever gets the defense going is all right with me.

  • Ryan

    Can’t say I saw this one coming.

  • BlessOSU

    I would say it is a stretch to call that “riding” a horse! Obvously a photo op — But, Congratulations to both of them.


      i have some bad news for you… it is obvious from the way she carries herself and her reactions and lack thereof to the horse, she IS a rider…. just saying

      • BlessOSU

        I didn’t say she wasn’t a “rider” just that particular clip was set up, since the headline said “riding” and they were barely moving around a fenced in area. I am glad he found someone to make him happy. He seems to be a great man, and coach, and deserves all the happiness he can find.

      • BlessOSU

        Three day weekend?? Not where I work!

  • Aaron Snith

    Why would this be on a sports blog? I don’t care who our coaches date as long as their not students at the University. It is a matter between two adults and not a thing for blogs. If true I wish them well, but don’t become a plague “journalist” hounding someone to death. NO Princess Diana please.

    • It matters when the person you’re engaged to covers the team you coach.

    • Good grief, Aaron! I found it rather interesting and it definitely is related to OSU football. Not a big deal.

    • Will Reinier

      Really? Attacking the writers of the blog for just giving us an interesting (sports-related) human interest story is pretty pointless. If you don’t like it, click the long white rectangle near the top of the screen and type something else in.

  • BostonPoke

    Robert Allen reported it few day ago on his radio show.

    • BostonPoke


  • Matt

    Wait Kyle, I thought you keep preaching that our defense doesn’t need fixing!

    Good work on the scoop and keep up the great work.

  • Angie

    If u would listen to Robert he reported it a few days ago

  • Dr. J

    I’m pretty sure Franklin got himself fired.

  • BBinKC

    Sorry, but I also think that blogging about the personal lives of our coaches is bush league. I don’t care if she is a reporter. Even if she does the sideline reporting on an OSU game once in a while, she does not cover OSU on a daily basis. Come on Kyle, you are better than this.

  • Oller

    I appreciate the story. I don’t particularly care that much but I’m all for random facts. I don’t understand what is so bush league about it though. I’m looking for any excuse to read an update on OSU no matter what the topic.

  • Relax, people. Enjoy your three-day weekend.

  • Nate

    Yeah this is pretty weak. It’s not like you don’t have other stuff to write about… And you’ve had some great posts lately on hoops but this is garbage. Can’t wait for you to tell us how the Gundys spent their anniversary…

  • Troy

    Good Lord people calm down.If you don’t want to read it, then don’t read it! Simple as that. Keep up the good work Kyle, don’t let the trolls bring you down.

  • Mark

    Good grief people! If you want sports without any human element, then plug in a Madden game or NCAA ’13 and STHU. Keep it up Kyle.

  • brian

    Some u guys are ridiculous.. It’s news, that’s related to OSU and ESPN! Spencer’s wife passed a year and a half ago! I’m happy for him… A lot of times people who have a spouse that passes away never find someone that meets the standard of their spouse! Why can’t some of you people just keep you’re mouth shut, and be happy for coach Spencer? Why is there always “that guy” who always has to bitch about something?

    • Nate

      Sure sounds like you’re doing a lot of bitching, bud.

      Funny how a lot of you get all butt hurt when anyone has anything negative to say…

      • brian

        I may of bitched a little… But, I stated facts and asked questions.. It just blows my mind, that people can’t just be happy for the guy? Why all negativity about it? He has found someone that makes him happy!

        • Who’s being negative?

          • brian

            Really? Did u not read all the comments?

          • Sorry brian, I thought the negativity comment was directed toward Kyle, but then I read your previous comment and see that’s not the case. I agree with you.

          • brian

            Thanks, Chance! Appreciate the apology! Most people wouldn’t have… Nice to see there is still some stand up dudes around!

  • brian

    Kyle, I follow u on Twitter.. And, I always click on the links to ur page… U do a Hell of a job Sir! Don’t listen to some of those Dudes! There is always people who try to stir things up! To all of u, u should start up ur page and see how much traffic u get! Ooo.. Nevermind! Bad idea! Keep up the good work Kyle!!

  • miltmcmahan

    Jeanine is not only the best women sports reporter . she is as good or better than most men. her knowledge and reporting at the race track is absolutely the best. would love to see and hear her at this years Kentucky derby.