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Glenn Spencer Explains Why Looks Can Be Deceiving on Defense



I had lunch with an Oklahoma State buddy on Thursday. We talked about the Central Michigan game, and he said he went back and watched it on DVR on Saturday morning.

“Tre Flowers didn’t play as well as I thought he did,” he said. I was able to watch everything but the ball and he was out of position a lot.”

As fans, we often see who had the most tackles or interceptions and say, “welp, those dudes must have played great.” That’s not always the case, and Glenn Spencer is here to explain why.

“Anytime you stop the run like we did, that’s the main goal,” said Spencer. “What’s great about our side of the ball is people try to give credit to someone when things go good, and try to put blame on somebody when things go bad.

“Most of the time people don’t know what they’re talking about. It’s a combination of the front seven understanding, and sometimes the safety will do his job. He might not make a play, but that back is going to make a cut. The big thing is that they did their job responsibility wise.”

Fascinating. And something to keep in mind before you burn that Mike Yurcich effigy next week.

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