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Going Deep on the Longest Rudolph-To-Washington Plays



When Oklahoma State’s dynamic duo of Mason Rudolph and James Washington decided to return for their senior seasons it meant three things.

1. Oklahoma State was instantly a contender for a Big 12 championship in 2017

2. the two would both have legitimate shots at owning the record books in Stillwater (Rudolph claimed a big one in Week 2)

3. We all would get a chance to see several more R-to-W downfield connections.

There’s not a lot that’s more fun than a well-timed and well-executed deep ball, and these two might do it better than anyone in the nation or ever at Oklahoma State.

Full disclosure, this list was supposed to be just five but due to a mental error, I had already included this first play and it’s too good to leave out. So thanks to my shoddy math, you get an extra packet of orange Kool-Aid. Enjoy.

Bonus: 68-Yard Touchdown (at Baylor 2014)

The feels. In Rudolph’s first game the true freshman showed the moment wasn’t too big for him and gave us all a little hope for the future. This great call from Gus Johnson ushered in a new era of Oklahoma State football. Excuse me, I have to go watch this again.

No. 5: 74-Yard Touchdown (TCU 2015)

This was an all-time play in an all-time game and this is another all-time call from Gus. James Washington had caught TDs of 73 and 75 yards seven days earlier from J.W. Walsh in Lubbock and then put up scores of 48, 50 and 74 yards in this dismantling of No. 10 TCU. Talk about a having a good week.

No. 4: 77-Yard Touchdown (Tulsa 2017)

The duo got the season started off right connecting on all six of their attempts against Tulsa. Washington racked up 145 yards and two scores including this one-play drive.

No. 3: 82-Yard Touchdown (Texas Tech 2016)

After Texas Tech scored late in the third quarter to bring them within three, Oklahoma State was called for holding on the ensuing kickoff. In need of a score and now backed further into his own territory, Mason Rudolph called No. 28 for 82 and 6. The Cowboys would hold on and win a tight one keeping their 2016 winning streak and eight-win streak against the Red Raiders alive.

No. 2: 82-Yard Touchdown (at Kansas State 2016)

Just like No. 3, this 82-yard play was the only one of the drive, and this one meant just slightly more. It pulled Oklahoma State within two points and allowed for the comeback win in Manhattan, just the second during Mike Gundy’s tenure.

No. 1: 91-Yard Touchdown (Pitt 2016)

In the best possible way to start your day and the best possible way to get a Central Michigan taste out of your mouth. Washington beats Pitt’s single coverage and goes house for 91 yards. It’s the second-longest passing play in Oklahoma State history.

Lucky for us, Washington will likely see some single coverage this Saturday in Heinz Stadium. Hopefully, we see one of these bumped out of the top five.

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