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Grading the Uniforms: Week 11 Vs. Kansas State



Oklahoma State wore an updated version, and in my opinion an upgraded version, of Orange – Black – Black against Kansas State. It was the first time since 2014 that the Pokes wore O/B/B. The Cowboys now have a record of 1-2 in this uniform combo after the loss to the Wildcats on Saturday.

Helmet: A-

The orange chrome helmet is good for about two games per year before it starts to seem overused. It got the bandana stripe treatment with a black facemask, which is simply one way to revitalize a helmet that has been run into the ground. I don’t know that I would always choose this helmet over the original orange chrome helmet, but I did like the way it worked with the rest of the uniform combination.

Combo: A

Orange – Black – Black is probably the best possible home combination with the orange chrome helmet. I think it looks better than O/B/O, even though there seemed to be a lack of orange in the combination as a whole. The pants stripes really balanced things out in the old templates.

It truly has been a Season or Orange since the Cowboys have surprisingly lost both home games in which they wore black jerseys. We’ll see if the Pokes try to get a W in black against the Jayhawks next week.

Overall: A-

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