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Gundy Addresses Rumors That He Was Interested in Florida Job

‘I never answer to Twitter.’



[Devin Wilber/PFB]

STILLWATER — Mike Gundy being linked to other programs, whether legitimate or not, have become a staple in college football offseasons.

Andy Wittry of Warner Media tweeted out screenshots of an email he obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request suggesting Gundy showed interest in Florida’s opening. Wittry reported the email came from Devin Bonik and was sent to Florida athletic director Scott Stricklin.

The email stated Gundy was “very interested” in the Florida coaching job that has since been filled by Bill Napier. It also read that Gundy “feels the timing is now right to make a career move to a special place like Florida.”

Bonik said he represented Gundy in the email, but Gundy had mentioned earlier this season that he does not have an agent.

Tulsa World beat writer Eli Letterman asked Gundy about the rumor.

“One thing, I never answer to Twitter,” Gundy said. “Two: I’m unaware of any email, and three, I don’t have an agent.”

Gundy did mention he does know Bonik.

“He’s in our circle,” Gundy added. “A lot of people know him.”

In the past, Gundy has reportedly flirted with other programs, like Tennessee, which is probably why this story stuck. Most of those reported flirtations have ended in raises for Gundy. Whether it is true or not, it didn’t amount to anything with Napier now coaching the Gators and Gundy prepping for the Fiesta Bowl with the Cowboys.

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