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Halftime Thoughts on Texas A&M



1. OSU was down 14 at the half against A&M last year and came back to win. Granted, that was at home and the defense didn’t look like they’d all just met 10 minutes before the game, but still…

2. I don’t love the gray helmets, I thought I did in pictures, but not on TV. As Freemason10 said, “they look like they’re made out of the same material as kids toys.”

3. A&M is confused on defense [fill in your own Aggie joke here]. Several times Weeden could have snapped it and run with the play, it was almost like he was waiting for them to get set. I don’t understand this.

4. A&M just looks better than OSU, like, a lot better. Like SEC > Big 12 better.

5. If you want to be a top 10 team, if you want to play for the Big 12 title, if you want to be mentioned for the national title, you come out and have the half of your lives. Shut up 86,000 Aggies and make a statement that you’re the veteran, seasoned, electrifying team we all think you are.

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