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Handicapping the Wes Lunt sweepstakes

According to Joe Schad, Wes Lunt has narrowed his transfer choices down to Illinois, Southern Miss, Tennessee, Louisville, and Vanderbilt. I put odds on each of those schools here.



Vegas is missing a golden opportunity here with Wes Lunt’s future up in the air so I’ll go ahead and capitalize on it and give you the odds on where Lunt ends up. Do with your money amongst yourselves as you wish…

Yesterday Joe Schad informed us it’s down to Tennessee, Louisville, Vanderbilt, Southern Miss, and Illinois. I’m not sure where he’s getting this info — what if @WesLunt is just DMing every reporter in the country (how funny would that be?) — but I believe him.

So let’s get to the schools:

Southern Miss (2-1)

It was always going to be Hattiesburg, wasn’t it? Monken tweeted — potentially after a couple of late-afternoon Bud heavies — last Friday and it was just over from there:

I’m not sure what the Monken-Lunt love is all about (maybe Lunt has an uncle who’s a beer or cigarette distributor?) but it’s definitely strong. Lunt is probably throwing darts at a Brett Favre throwback poster as we speak.

Illinois (5-1)

It’s home. Their offense sucks so he’ll play right away — I didn’t actually look up their offense but I’m assuming that since they’re in the Big 10 and didn’t play in the Rose Bowl last year that their offense sucks. Plus he’s a a borderline cult hero up there — my Google Analytics page for last football season looked like this:

Top cities visiting PFB

1. Stillwater
2. OKC
3. Rochester, Ill
4. Tulsa

Louisville (10-1)

My gosh he would throw 45 TDs a year in this offense. I honestly think this would be the best fit for him. You’re going to have one more year of Teddy Bridgewater Teddy Bridgewatering while Lunt redshirts, and then three years of Lunt slinging it around against God-knows-which teams for the three years after that.

Be afraid, Tulsa[1. If you are in fact in a conference with Louisville still.]

Tennessee (20-1)

No, what? I don’t see this at all. Although somebody on Twitter tried to tell me that Tennessee is a step down from OSU as a football program. Come on, guys — let’s be realistic. Tennessee wins since 2000 = 99, OSU wins since 2000 = 98. It’s not a monster step up like it used to be, but it’s not by any stretch of the imagination a step down.

Vanderbilt (25-1)

For all we know Lunt is a Mensa member and majoring in biomechanical engineering with a minor in advanced statistics. I say “for all we know” because he talked to the media like twice in his 15 months at OSU. This would be a strange move (I know OSU is the Princeton of the Midwest but…well…yeah) for him both academically and athletically. I don’t see it happening so 25-1 feels right.

Happy *not gambling.

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