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Heisman Voters



Photo Attribution: Corie Brianne

I’m not entirely sure how you go from “Heisman front-runner” to “possibly not even in the top ten” in the span of 17 days, but those who vote on such things have managed to do it to Brandon Weeden and the 693 yards + 3 TD he put up over that period.

There are a few Heisman blogs heavy in the prediction business this time of year, and they all have Robert Griffin winning the Heisman. One blog, specifically, does a great job aggregating real votes by real voters to give a snapshot of what the overall picture is going to look like. Kind of like what Fox News does with the presidential race except, you know, accurate.

Here’s how it stands as of this post (with 122 of the 600+ ballots collected):

Griffin – 268 points
Luck – 132 points
Richardson – 100 points
Ball – 47 points
Honey Badger – 44 points
Barkley – 17 points
Moore – 4 points
Wilson – 5 points
LaMichael – 2 points
Weeden – 4 points
Keenum – 2 points
Klein – 1 point

I bet you’re interested to know where those 4 Weeden points came from. Fittingly, they came from probably the only three voters in the country who watched the Baylor-OSU game.

Bob Barry Jr. – 1st – Griffin | 2nd – Weeden | 3rd – Luck
Jenni Carlson – 1st – Luck | 2nd – Richardson | 3rd – Weeden
John Helsley – 1st – Luck | 2nd – Honey Badger | 3rd – Weeden

I don’t agree with Luck over Weeden, or Luck over Griffin or Barkley for that matter, but just remember these three as some of the only people in the country backing our guy before the next time you say everybody at the Oklahoman is “just in love with OU all the time.”

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