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Here are some fun Oklahoma State odds for 2014

Longshots to win the national title but not so much within the Big 12. Also, over/under win totals!




Bovada has released its preseason odds for, well, pretty much everything and OSU is not really among the favorites.

Here’s a look at a few of the lists with other Big 12 teams:

National title

Team Odds
OU 9-1
Baylor 28-1
Texas 50-1
Kansas State 100-1
Oklahoma State 150-1
Texas Tech 200-1
TCU 200-1

Give me a break with Texas at 50-1. If the public is dumb enough to make that number that low then it deserves to lose all of its money. I think Kansas State at 100-1 is mildly interesting. It also feels like OSU should have more respect than 150-1. Something more in the K-State range or maybe 125-1.

Here are Big 12-only odds:

Big 12 title

Team Odds
OU 2-3
Baylor 11-4
Texas 6-1
Kansas State 10-1
Oklahoma State 10-1
TCU 15-1
Texas Tech 33-1
West Virginia 66-1
Iowa State 100-1
Kansas 100-1

Give me Tech at 33-1 all day. I don’t think they’ll win it but they certainly have as good a chance as TCU and probably as good as Oklahoma State and Kansas State. Both Baylor and OU are awful values.

Finally, some over/under win totals:

Big 12 teams

Team Odds
OU 10.5
Baylor 9.5
Kansas State 7.5
Oklahoma State 7.5
Texas 7.5
Texas Tech 6.5
West Virginia 4.5
Iowa State 3.5
Kansas N/A

TCU! I guess this is what happens when you play Samford, Minnesota, and SMU in your non-conference schedule. Still, I’d take the under. I would also go under on OU and Texas and probably over on Baylor, OSU, Kansas State, and Tech.

Or you could use this overrated/underrated list to guide you.

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