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Here are the best GIFs from the OSU-TCU game

Emmanuel Ogbah was a beast and there was one really cool Tyreek run from Saturday’s game.



There wasn’t a lot to smile about on Saturday but there were a few bright moments amidst all the rain and thunder and floods of tears. Here are a few of those moments.

I still have zero idea how James Castleman caught this pick. That was Dez-like!

That’s a boss throw…which would be great if he could make boss 8-yard throws (I’d settle for middle management 8-yard throws at this point).

Emmanuel Ogbah basically sacked Trevone Boykin with one hand.

I love this camera angle — especially for successful plays like this one. We saw it from the other side last week with a Roland TD but just to watch plays open up like this (a rarity these days!) is really cool.

Is David Glidden our most reliable receiver? He might be, right?

This wasn’t ideal. More rain than sunshine here.

Ogbah is tied for seventh in the nation in total sacks. Here’s a look at the top 10:



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