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Here is a Barry Sanders GIF that will make you weak

Barry Sanders once tore Rod Woodson’s ACL. Really, legitimately tore it.



Maybe this makes me a bad OSU/Barry Sanders fan but I’ve never heard about Sanders tearing Rod Woodson’s ACL on this juke.

It’s true, though — and my gosh, I’ve watched that clip 15 times now.

According to Woodson it wasn’t Sanders but the turf — what’s the difference when you’re going one way and two-zero is going the other??)

“It was the first game of the year and [the turf] was extremely hot,” Woodson said. “Barry made a cut inside and when I planted, my foot stayed straight and my knee turned. So if people want to say it was Barry, they can say it was Barry. I’d like to say it was the turf.”

Haha. It was Barry.

“But did it impact the rest of my career? In some capacity it did. But my fate was my fate and my journey was my journey no matter what.”

Crazy stuff from the GOAT, and the legend just keeps growing.

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