Here is a wedding cake shaped like the OSU Big 12 title ring

Written by Kyle Porter

Screen shot 2014-06-03 at 7.17.47 AM

Oh boy.

I don’t know whether to be impressed by how much this actually looks like the OSU Big 12 title ring from 2011 (see below) or concerned that someone went to the trouble of making a Big 12 title ring cake for a wedding.

Screen shot 2014-06-03 at 7.22.01 AM

Either way, it’s a pretty tremendous feat.

Maybe not as awesome as this one but still pretty awesome.

h/t Scott King

  • OSUalum08

    Wonder how many readers’ groom’s cake have been OSU themed? Mine was Go Pokes!

    • Pistols Fired!!

      great cake!! now, go make us some more OSU fans!!

    • OSU-Bill

      Mine was Pistol Pete, but I don’t have a photo handy.

  • Chris

    Hopefully it was a player from the team that year.

  • Pistols Fired!!

    I don’t think the ‘ring’ wedding cake is cause for any concern… as long as both the bride and groom enjoyed it… so stop hating, even a little. I also disagree… the ring cake is much more detailed and realistic compared to the Iron Bowl cake of the auburn fan, so they are equally impressive… just saying.

    • Chris

      I really doubt anyone is concerned about the cake.

      • Pistols Fired!!

        Just a tongue in cheek response to Kyle’s expression of “impressed” or “concerned”… I used his own verbiage… sorry for your doubts.

        • Sooner

          Next up, a groom’s cake modeled after the 2013 Cotton Bowl ring. 🙂

    • JB

      What is the cutoff year where it becomes pathetic to osu fans to make cakes copying the ring of the one & only year that osu won a Big 12 championship? Or will it still be acceptable until the 2nd one comes around in 2054?

      • Nathan

        Considering that OSU’s won a legitimate (tying w/ KSU when you got beat by them on your own field isn’t legitimate) Big XII title more recently than your land thieves, I think we’re still in the period where you need to keep your trap shut.

        • JB

          I guess I missed the part where OU fans made co-conference championship ring cakes or medallions. Oh yeah, they didn’t. That’s an aggie/Eddie Sutton move all the way.

          You have one Big 12 Championship and a Big 8 co-championship from the 70s, OU has 8 Big 12 and 44 overall, and this is the period where OU fans should keep their traps shut? Yeah, that makes sense…NOT. I think your QB just coughed up the ball after getting hit to give up one more game-clinching score.

          • Nathan

            I don’t see any cakes for co-conference championships at OSU. Again – you need to keep your trap shut until you’ve got something more recent to brag about. I could care less what your slush fund got you in yester-year. Now run along and get that pizza delivered if you want your tip…

      • Pistols Fired!!

        The cutoff year is ten or twenty years after the year it becomes pathetic for low-IQ haters, who mistake the ability to form sentences with having an opinion worth sharing, to come to an OSU thread and spew their non-toxic venom so that they can feel better about themselves until their next disability check comes in and they can pack the local Walmart on the first of the month. That means ten or twenty years from now, JB.

        • JB

          I just asked a simple question: At what point does it become pathetic among the Aggie faithful to commerate a conference championship several years past? I am genuinely curious. I have no frame of reference for comparison. Around Norman, it’s pretty cool for a few weeks. Then it’s back to “That was great…but what have you done for me lately? That was last season, what about the next?”

          • Pistols Fired!!

            The first thing I noticed was what a ‘genuine’ guy that you are…

  • Jake

    Here’s a pic of mine. Not as great of detail as the ring but it was enormous. And delicious.

    • troy

      Outstanding cake, Jake.

  • Steven