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Here is One Easy Way to Help Support PFB as We Head Into 2019 (OK, Two)

Thank you guys, as always, for listening.



Carson and I taped podcast No. 238 of our run this week, and we had a blast with it. I can honestly say it’s as much fun on Day 238 as it was on Day 1. Probably more so.

We have some fun tweaks planned for the pod in 2019 and hope you continue to listen (or start right now if you’re not!). One easy way you can help PFB out right now is by going to Apple Podcasts and leaving us a rating and a written review.

It will take less time than it takes you to type out any of the myriad reasons you hate Mike Yurcich, and it’s far more beneficial for all of us! The other thing you can do is to send the pod to somebody you know — a friend, family member, colleague or acquaintance who loves OSU and you think would love listening.

One of our goals for 2019 is to grow this podcast audience, and the most beneficial way we can do that is for people to hear about it from other people they know and trust (like you). We want to keep making pods into the future, and the more people that listen, the more popular the show becomes, the easier it is to do that.

You guys already give us so much of your time already, and I appreciate it a lot. This time we’ll give something back to you. If you leave a review on iTunes, screenshot it and drop it in the comments section here, we’ll randomly select a handful of people (on Sunday night) and give away some of our merch ahead of Christmas.

Thank you, and good luck!

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