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Hit Play-off: The Final Round of 2017



After each week of the season, we hand picked four of the most reel-worthy highlight plays and you voted for your favorite. Well, these blue-blood clips passed the eye test and we’re on to the playoff.

We’re now to the final round. The winners of Rounds 1-3 are included below. Vote for your favorite play of the 2017 regular season with the tweet below.

Winner of Weeks 1-4: Mason’s Houdini Act

This is an all-timer from QB1. It will be included in all Mason Rudolph highlight reels and will probably get some burn during next year’s NFL Draft.

We can appreciate Rudolph for his great career and be disappointed OSU didn’t accomplish more during his tenure. Those two thoughts aren’t mutually exclusive and should both be allowed.

Winner of Weeks 5-8: Moss-ell Ate, man!

Marcell was looked at as a nice player heading into this season who might turn some heads. This game- season-saving third-down play put him in “he might be a sneaky high draft prospect” conversation.

What’s followed the rest of his season has seen him turn into the second OSU receiver to be picked in the first round by some mock drafts for this next spring.

Winner of Weeks 9-12: Marcell Saves the Day in Ames

Here we are. Another third-down play, another big time save for Randy Marce. It’s pretty telling that Marcell is in all three of these final round entries. Is he better than James Washington? No. But he came up big in several huge moments for Oklahoma State this season.

I’m still riding with my statement that he’s had the most underrated season of any wide receiver at Oklahoma State.

We’ll announce the winner at the close of the Twitter poll.

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