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Boone Pickens endorses this business idea from Pistols Firing

You may (or may not) have noticed a new tab on the top navigation bar today entitled “advertising kit.” If you haven’t checked it out yet, I’ve put together a summary of what this site is about, how many people visit every month, and yes, how much money you have to pay me to put an ad up on my sidebar.

So to those of you who want the rates go here, but to the rest of you who don’t care to advertise (or about it for that matter), keep reading. I figure if you’re going to make this site one of your go-to sources for OSU sports I owe you the courtesy of explaining why I’m now offering advertising and what purpose it holds.

I love running this site. I love researching stats, watching games, and pontificating on OSU hoops and its revolving door of two and three guards. My wife doesn’t always love that I love it, but I do.

Because of this I usually end up spending between 20-30 hours a week outside of my regular job working on trying to bring you guys quality content that’s original, creative, and humorous. This site has become something of a laborious endeavor, but one I can’t imagine not continuing and expanding.

For those of you who don’t know, it costs money to host a blog every month. I also have yearly domain name costs and miscellaneous expenses such as quality podcasting mics so it doesn’t sound like Quade and I are sitting in the back of a moving truck trying to host our show.

Plus (and this is a moment of full disclosure) I decided it is now time to try and start monetizing this blog for what I feel like is quality work. I have hopefully earned the trust of enough people over the last six months that the site will be profitable no matter if we ever get any new visitors or not.

As I started thinking about how to fund all of this, these were the five options I came up with:

1. Forge Brandon Weeden signatures onto footballs and sell them on EBay.
2. Exchange my body for money.
3. Become Dez Bryant’s personal banker/creditor.
4. Convince the PGA to pay me all the money Peter Uihlein earns but can’t collect.
5. Sell advertising space on my blog

1 and 2 sort of fall under my moral jurisdiction as “things to not do with your life” and 3 and 4 seem to be pretty monumental tasks…so really, what choice did I have?

I am basically running a small business. I have a place where I gather people together every day to make transactions. I give you (hopefully) quality blog posts about OSU athletics and you give me your 2 minutes and sometimes (on the good days) your comments. It’s a good relationship. A relationship I enjoy and one I hope you find unconventional and remarkable.

I believe in small, unique businesses. I love reading stories about people who have started their own custom framing companies or online craft stores or support themselves with their writing. This is the creativity our entrepreneurial world is built on.

And that world for me now includes ads.

A few weeks ago I started a partnership with The Big Lead, one of the biggest (and best) sports blogs in the world. They sell ads for me (you might have seen them on the bottom of my right sidebar) and both entities profit, but I’m now going to start selling ad space on my own as well.

You can check the full-blown ad kit out here.

Finally, I know not every OSU fan on the planet reads this blog (I would have started advertising a long time ago), but the people who do read are loyal and dedicated and keep bringing knowledgeable discussion to the table. (This is starting to sound like a Dos Equis commercial) So I thank you for that and look forward to creating win-win transactions with you for a very long time.

I’m going to do as much as I can to keep my site clean, smooth, fast, and aesthetically pleasing to you guys. More like Grantland than Sports by Brooks. I can promise you we’ll never look like Sports by Brooks. When I go to sites I don’t mind that they have ads, I just don’t want them to intrude on what I’m trying to actually read. So that’s the thought here – monetize if you must, but don’t bother the reader when you do it. I’ve absolutely created my strategy with that in mind.

I hope I’ve explained why I’m doing all this and that my reasons satisfy your curiosity. I know ads on sites can be a very hot-button issue so please email me if you have further questions. And if not, if we have to cut ties over this, well it’s been a blast and I appreciate all the reading you’ve done thus far!

Back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.

Please leave your thoughts on this below…

P.S. I get a lot of questions about how many people visit or how many “hits” I get, both of those numbers are contained in the advertising kit PDF if you’re curious and will be updated monthly.

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