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Hovland Reminds America that OSU Has the Best (and Most Versatile) Mascot in the Country

Twitter celebrated the many hats of OSU’s famous mascot.




Swinging Pete, Wrestling Pete, even Detective Pete. Oklahoma State’s infamous mascot is as versatile as he is memorable, a fact that spread across Twitter earlier this week.

The original tweet was from The Ringer’s Rodger Sherman as he fawned over the Swinging Pete logo on Viktor Hovland’s polo from the Masters.

The Cowboy junior was the low amateur at golf’s first major of 2019 which meant he got a front-row seat as Tiger Woods was presented with his historic fifth green jacket. It also meant he got plenty of screen time on CBS Sunday afternoon, shortly after the most-viewed golf even over the last 12 months.

On Thursday, OSU’s head golf coach (and Hovland’s Masters caddy) Alan Bratton talked about that good pub that the university gained from Hovland’s play, as well as his wardrobe.

“It’s huge,” Bratton said. “I think they said there were 18 million people or something like that watching. To see the Swinging Pete logo there was huge, but more than that, to just see a product of our program, Viktor Hovland, represent himself with that much class and humility on a big stage like that. That’s huge Oklahoma State golf, but just for our university as a whole. It was a really proud moment for anyone that bleeds orange for sure.”

Shortly after the above-linked tweet from Sherman, SB Nation’s Bill Connelly who is, among other things, a statistical guru, Oklahoma native and actual friend of the pod, grabbed the reins.

But that was only the beginning. What followed were threads of replies by national and local writers and fans (of OSU and otherwise) all tweeting pics, reactions and input on the debate of the multifaceted amulet of orange.

Here are some of the better ones I came across (many of these I had no idea existed).


Pete loves all OSU athletics equally.

And some alternate unis.

This one is just terrifying.



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