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How KD Ended Up In Stillwater



Photo Attribution: KT King

Most of you have probably seen the now-famous tweets back and forth by now (posted below if you haven’t) between George Overbey and Kevin Durant. The exchange was great, and Anthony Slater did a great job with his story in the O’Colly today, but I wanted to know what it was like to hang with KD for a night. What his ride was like, what they talked about, who else he’d like to see on a flag football field, you know, important stuff like that. So George and I exchanged emails throughout the day today. I think you’re going to enjoy what he had to say. Especially the last answer.

Kyle: How shocked were you when KD rolled up in his black van at the door of the Sigma Nu house?

George: Yeah it was crazy. I couldn’t believe it! He actually came to my house in Stillwater which was pretty neat. He was texting me all the from OKC so when he told me he was on HW-51 things started to sink in. But seeing his van pull up in my driveway was a surreal experience that I will never forget. I had a few friends there who he met then we drove to the game. The van is pretty sweet!

Kyle: Was it tricked out?
George: Yeah it was nice! Customized with tvs and such. I have to admit I didn’t look around too much, I was more focused on talking with KD. But yeah it has his KD logo all over it with custom seats and electronics, it is sweet! I would definitely drive it!

Kyle: What did you guys talk about? Has he been following OSU football?

George: We talked about the k-state game coming up this weekend, bedlam, his new shoes (kd4). We talked about him playing QB. We joked with him that he might not be able to see over our O-Line. Overall, he was just super pumped as we drove to the game. He couldn’t wait to play. He also gave me a sneak peak of his new football cleats that are coming in. (KD 4s with molded cleats). He was just so nice and friendly, made for an awesome time.

Kyle: How long did you guys think about whether or not you wanted to forfeit the game to let him play?
George: 0 seconds. It was a no brainer. One of the easier decisions of my life.

Kyle: Okay, let’s say you have KD and you on a flag football team. Give me five other NBA players to round out your squad…

George: My dream squad would consist of mostly Thunder Players with one key addition….

1. Blake Griffin – guy can play any position on the field.
2. Westbrook – unstoppable rusher and slot receiver
3. Perkins – one man offensive-line
4. Nick Collison – gotta have the hustle points in flag football
5. Sefolosha – Definitely need a shutdown corner… “Thabo Island”

Kyle: Haha, Thabo Island, that’s outstanding. Okay, last question…Would you give up the last 24 hours for OSU to win the national title in football?

George: I think if you asked KD if he would rather break every NBA record in a season, or the Thunder win the NBA championship, He would choose the championship every time. Trying to relate that, as much as meeting and becoming his friend was one of the most amazing moments of my life, Oklahoma State would benefit much more as a whole by a National Championship. I would definitely have to trade the past 24 hours for the BCS title to be in Stillwater. And knowing KD, I think he would completely understand. However, I think this whole situation over the past 24 hours has been great national publicity for OSU…All thanks to Kevin.

Here’s a shot of George and KD just playing ball by the Colvin.

Quite a night, indeed.

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