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How many times has OSU won and OU lost on the same day?

Last Saturday’s OSU win/OU loss hasn’t happened very many times in college football history.



TCU beat OU last week, in case you hadn't heard (USATSI)

TCU beat OU last week, in case you hadn’t heard (USATSI)

I got an email from Doug Drinen last week about the OSU win over Iowa State and OU loss to TCU. Its title intrigued me.

OSU winning and OU losing on the same day

Yes. Tell me more.

Apparently it’s only happened 102 times ever — or about one per season — in the last 100 years. The first was October 24, 1914 — OSU beat Baylor and OU lost to Texas.

It’s also only happened 16 times this century and three of those were OSU beating OU in head-to-head matchups.

Here’s a look:

Year OSU beat… OU lost to…
2001 OU OSU
2002 OU OSU
2005 Montana State TCU
2005 Arkansas State UCLA
2006 Florida Atlantic Oregon
2007 Sam Houston State Colorado
2007 Baylor Texas Tech
2008 Missouri Texas
2009 Georgia BYU
2009 Missouri Texas
2009 Iowa State Nebraska
2010 Baylor Texas A&M
2011 Missouri Texas Tech
2011 OU OSU
2012 TCU Notre Dame
2014 Iowa State TCU

Couple of thoughts here:

• How do we get Missouri back on the schedule?

• Twice in 2005 and three times in 2009?! That 2005 team was arguably one of OSU’s worst this decade and 2009 was probably the worst of the last six years.

• OU should stop playing Pac-12 teams (plus BYU)

Great work by Doug and a memorable day of college football.

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