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How Ollie Gordon, After Becoming a Bedlam Legend, Celebrated in a Sea of Orange

How Gordon spent his moments after a Bedlam win



[Devin Wilber/PFB]

Stillwater – Ollie Gordon was just trying to find his mom.

Immediately after the game (and Bedlam) ended with a 27-24 Oklahoma State win Saturday night, fans among a sellout crowd scaled down the wall at Boone Pickens Stadium and sprinted for the field. The scene, in itself, was bedlam.

In the midst of the sea of orange was Gordon, who had just struck a Heisman pose after one of his two touchdowns on his way to becoming a Bedlam legend with the two scores and 137 rushing yards.

“It was fun, it was exciting, but I had to go see my mom,” Gordon said. “It wasn’t even about the fans. I had to go see my mom. She called me. She was like, ‘I’m on the field,’ so I had to go see her. I just had to get back to her. That’s all it was. I had to fight my way back through, but I was good….

“I was like, ‘Excuse me, excuse me, I gotta find my mom.’”

Gordon was detoured by pom squad girls, fellow students and fans who have been Cowboy fans longer than he’s been able to carry a football. All wanted pictures, high fives and even just a moment with OSU’s best running back since Barry Sanders. At one point Gordon was even hoisted onto a group’s shoulders.

“Really going through my mind was hoping I don’t fall,” Gordon said. “That was really the main thing. It was exciting, but I was scared I was gonna fall and, yeah, it wasn’t good.”

Numerous times throughout the game that same crowd had chanted “Ollie!” as they wanted their favorite player to touch the ball or after he went down with an injury right before halftime. The first time they began the chant the ball hadn’t even been snapped yet before Gordon finished the play diving into the end zone for a 20-yard touchdown and the first points of the game.

“(The crowd) helps a lot whenever I hear them behind me,” Gordon said. “I feel like it pushes the whole team to be better.”

The scene on the field at Boone Pickens Stadium was insanity as fans tried (and succeeded) to take down a goalpost and ignored security guards directing them in other directions. It was borderline dangerous.

As OSU players forced through the crowd before shuffling down the tunnel to their locker room to celebrate, Gordon was nowhere to be seen. After someone realized Gordon was still missing, a group of offensive linemen quickly assembled with the mission to go rescue their running back. Apparently their job of protecting Gordon was not over just because their quarterback took a knee to end the game.

The group was directed back, though, and shortly after, Gordon burst through the crowd and off to the locker room. He had been celebrating with Cowboy fans. And his mom.

“It was exciting seeing everyone jump down,” Gordon said. “I’m glad nobody got hurt, that I know of. But we really appreciate them. They play a big part in our games.”

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