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How to Follow PFB in 2020: Community in Our Forum (The Chamber)

A closer look at The Chamber.



From now until the end of January, I thought it would be a good thing to update you guys on what’s been going on around here. The first year of the 20s (the 20s, you guys!) is going to be a monster for us as a company, and as always there’s a lot going on. So I wanted to slow down a bit and inform everyone how you can partake in the best OSU news and community anywhere in 2020.

Today: Forums
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What to Know

We created The Chamber last August right before football season, and it’s steadily been growing into a community of thousands of OSU fans who interact on a daily basis about, well, pretty much anything.

There are two pieces to The Chamber.

1. Free: This is open to all of our subscribers. As long as you create an account with Pistols Firing (which you can do here), you’re able to comment and engage in conversation with other Pokes fans.

2. PFB+: This is our premium part of the forum. Where we drop nuggets and behind-the-scenes stuff for our paying subscribers.


24/7/365 — there’s never not something going on in The Chamber, which has been one of the fun things for me. You can take a few days off and just jump back into the conversation. Honestly, the entire thing has been far more successful to this point than any of us imagined. I’m glad for that and for a community that’s engaged with each other around a common interest.

What About Comments?

Thanks for asking! We closed comments on our site last fall for a variety of reasons. We did however create a sync between The Chamber and our articles on the site. Each article becomes its own thread in The Chamber (example here), which you can comment on. The comments there with the most likes will show up on the site under the article. This promotes better commenting and is easier for us to moderate.

One other note here: You’ll sometimes see articles on our home page that, when you click on them, lead to a PFB+ thread. This is on purpose. These are premium notes or nuggets for PFB+ members only. We’ll do a better job letting you know when something is PFB+ so you don’t click through and get a “hey, come join us message” unless you actually want to, but this is likely how we’re going to do our premium content into the future.


We’d love to find a sponsor for The Chamber. It’s a piece of our property that gets a ton of traffic and has no ceiling on where it could go. At some point, I anticipate traffic on The Chamber will dwarf our traffic on the site.


I’ve been pretty open I think about wanting to be for the OSU community what TexAgs is for the Texas A&M community. Whatever you want to say about Aggie fans, they’ve created an unbelievable space for their people to interact, communicate and get their own thoughts and ideas out there. That’s the goal for us, too, and we’re aiming to quadruple our daily engaged users on The Chamber (currently ~500) by the end of 2020.

How to Join

Create an account (i.e. subscribe) right here (for free).

Also, if you read this far (because I know not many of you did), here’s a link to join PFB+ for $30 (that’s $50 off!) for the next year and get all of our content (both free and premium).

Thanks for sticking with us, too. We know we haven’t always been the best about clear communication and a straightforward product, but we’re working toward making all of this better and better and better.

Our mission statement is as follows: To be the first and best place people go when they’re looking for Oklahoma State-related news and community. And it’s to that end that we labor daily.

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