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How to Follow PFB in 2020: Podcasts

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From now until the end of January, I thought it would be a good thing to update you guys on what’s been going on around here. The first year of the 20s (the 20s, you guys!) is going to be a monster for us as a company, and as always there’s a lot going on. So I wanted to slow down a bit and inform everyone how you can partake in the best OSU news and community anywhere in 2020.

First up, podcasts.

What to Know

Our staple for the past few years has been the Pistols Firing Podcast with myself — Kyle Porter — and Carson Cunningham. We’re nearing 300 episodes together, which is wild, and still love creating them and hollering at each other as much now as we did at the beginning.


We’ll be producing these pods once or twice a week, and they will traditionally be longer (40-60 minutes). Normally they’ll come out on something like a Monday-Thursday schedule when things are busy.


We’re still looking for one more sponsor for 2020 for this pod. We’ll do them regardless, but if you know anyone who wants to partner with a pod that increased its downloads 80 percent year over year in December and has already nearly matched its last January totals halfway through this January, let us know!


I have a piece of paper on my desk with 4-5 potential podcasts sketched out. If we had the resources — a big if — I would love to pump out one piece of podcast content almost every day. We don’t have those resources right now, but it’s definitely a medium we’re taking seriously. I think our primary objective here is solidifying what an instant reaction pod looks like following basketball games, football games and any big events. Those might be PFB+ only. We still haven’t figured that out yet.

How to Follow

Below I’ve included links for Apple users, Android users and Spotify users. Should be pretty straightforward. Thank you, as always for supporting Pistols Firing!

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