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How to Help Kyle Boone and His Family

Here is how you can help Kyle and his family right now if you feel inclined.



Our own Kyle Boone was recently diagnosed with testicular cancer. We want to be able to assist him, his wife and his 1-year-old in some small way as he fights this disease.

There are two ways you can help.

The first way is just donating money. This would go to medical bills, travel and other expenses. You can do that through Venmo or Cash App. Those are below.

  • Venmo: @LaceyLBoone
  • Cash App: $laceyboone

The second way you can help is by buying a t-shirt. His sister is taking orders through March 29 on the below shirts (purple for testicular cancer). They are $20. Instructions on how to order are in the post below. Proceeds from the shirt will go to his family.

KB joined Kyle Porter at PFB in 2016 as a passion project of covering Oklahoma State. He has since grinded out recruiting articles and daily stories and even returned to work shortly after his diagnosis. He is as good a coworker you’ll find, and he has been instrumental in this transition for me.

So that’s it. Don’t feel obligated or pressured to help. But if you have the means and feel inclined, this is how you can do so.

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