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I need your help with this blog



If you’re here for the title of this post just skip to the last question. If you want to see my goals for the year and THEN see how you can help, feel free to read the entire post.

You know the study about the people who write down their goals achieving them more often than people who don’t. I wrote down some goals for myself and this blog this time last year:

1. Have PFB average 8,000 pageviews a day for football season – Settled in at about 6,100 which I’m still excited about.

2. Total redesign of Pistols Firing – Mission accomplished. Also, I can’t give you any higher recommendation for Standard theme than I am right now. Spectacular.

3. Get a full-time job writing/blogging – Yes.

4. (personal goal) Read 20 books – I got to 16, then football started. My favorites: Unbroken, The Big Miss, Secretariat, and Art of Fielding[1. These are all affiliate links to the Kindle store — if you click on them and purchase them, I get a cut from Amazon.].

One thing I want to do for 2013 on a personal level is create more specific goals. Here’s the start of that, these are all for PFB:

As an aside — I appreciate you guys reading stuff like this and not thinking I’m nuts. It’s a little scary to discuss the behind-the-curtain stuff sometimes but I feel like our community is fun enough (and strong enough) that it helps the site more than it hurts it.

PFB is something I always want to push forward and make more interesting and entertaining for you guys. 

1. Write better posts – Real specific, huh? I think I let this slip a little at the end of the year. I started focusing more on pageviews than I did on quality content. Thankfully @OKC_Dave picked me up once a week, but you guys deserve better than what I’ve been giving.

2. Build out of pages – I’m a huge fan of sites like UM Hoops that have built out pages that leave me scrolling for hours on end at historical data and players gone by. I really want to let PFB become more robust in the next 12 months

3. 10K Twitter followers – With my new job I decided to split out my two Twitter accounts (@KylePorterCBS and @pistolsguy) and make the @pistolsguy one more for this blog than my personal use (multiple people are contributing to it now). Twitter has been one of the main reasons we’ve experienced success as a site and I see no reason we can’t double our following again like we did in 2012.

4. 10K pageviews/day during football – New uniforms would help (where you at, Nike??)

5. At least 10 former player interviews – @mattamilian has done a good job with these but I want to do even more in 2013.

6. More products – I have some ideas for new t-shirts and a few other goodies but if you have something you want to see, by all means, let me know.

7. One I can’t share – It’s a long shot, but why not dream big in 2013?

What would you like to see happen with the site? There are so many great sites on the Internet and I take ideas from them all the time. Have you guys seen any features or ideas you want me to expand on? Or is there something you want me to stop doing? Anything at all, mention it in the comments and I’ll consider it.

Or if you don’t feel comfortable sharing you can email me at pistolsfiringblog [at] gmail [dot] com.

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