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In the way of #1 – Alabama



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Welcome to a new series on what must take place for Oklahoma State to reach #1 in the polls this year. Who must win in order for the Cowboys to sit atop the college football world?

Here’s your full fan’s guide to who OSU fans should be rooting for this season.

We’ve looked at Texas A&M, Boise St.,Stanford, Florida St., LSU, and Oregon so far and now we’re going to the deep south to have a gander at what Nick Saban has in store for this year.

Bama starts its first sacrificial ceremony early next Saturday (11:21 AM kick is not even close to enough time for the Roll Tide faithful to get enough Pappy Van Winkle in them) against Kent State.

Then they head up to State College, PA to try and bookend the 24-3 whupping they put on JoPa last September. You know what, props to Bama for going out of state (and out of region) to play a powerhouse like Penn St. Of course that whiteout might turn a little brown once the Nittany Lions see this in person. I mean he seriously looks like somebody jammed Zach Randolph into Kendall Hunter’s body.

Back home for North Texas (hide the children) and Arkansas to Gainseville then home for Vandy.

That’s followed up by a salty stretch that includes at Ole Miss and home for Tennessee and LSU. I always enjoy the Les Miles Nick Saban obligatory “I hate that 40 million people are watching us touch each other right now” postgame handshake. Yay!

They round out the season by going to Starkville, hosting Georgia State, and going on the plains to Auburn for some 2010 revenge. Oh, and then the SEC title if they make it.

I think if you gave me the Bama OL, defense, special teams, and Trent Richardson, I could probably grab Nolo, Q, Amilian, and a few of my Twitter followers and we could beat Georgia State by at least 21.

This schedule actually sets up nicely for them, especially getting LSU and Arkansas at home. If I’m a Bama fan I’m worried about these games in this order: 1. Mississippi State 2. LSU 3. Penn State 4. Florida 5. Auburn. And as an OSU supporter I have no problem rooting for any of those five teams. Well…four of them anyway.

I know it sounds crazy to top that list off with MSU but Dan Mullen is the real deal and they went 5-2 at home last year and only lost 17-14 to the champs. Of course we’re also talking about a coach in Nick Saban who may or may not need a conscious human being at quarterback for his team to win it all so it might not matter how rowdy Starkville gets.

How worried I am:         (out of 10)

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