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In The Way of #1 – Boise St.



This is a new series on what must take place for Oklahoma State to reach #1. If you haven’t checked out our other series on the 20 most important people to a 2011 national title you can do so here. Or both are at the top of the right sidebar.

Oklahoma State will start out the year at #8 in the coaches poll (the AP poll will probably have them close to that, #10 at the lowest). It’s the highest they’ve ever been ranked to begin the year. As we saw with Auburn in 2004 however, it doesn’t matter how high you’re ranked to begin the year (or what you do during it for that matter) if #1 and #2 don’t lose.

In OSU’s case they kind of control their own destiny with #1 (OU) but they do need six other teams to fall to attain that #1 ranking by Christmas.

Who do Cowboy fans need to pull for each week though? Are we SEC fans? Little sisters of the poor fans? Do we actually *gasp* need to cheer on OU to beat Florida State?

Well here’s a fan’s guide to who OSU fans should be rooting for as the season progress, starting with the schedule of #7 Boise State.

Note: if OSU is #9 or lower in the AP then I’ll throw in the teams ranked ahead of them but for now we’re just focused on these seven.

Boise opens with its annual “see, we play hard teams!” game against UGA in the Georgia Dome. I’ll have on all the Georgia gear I picked up in Athens in ’07 plus all the Masters gear I own in hopes that Mark Richt can hold serve in his home state against Kellen Moore’s Heisman campaign kick-off.

Then it’s Kyle Brotzman voodoo doll night on October 1 when the Broncos get their rematch with the Nevada team that ended their season last year.

The next “test” is at Fresno which is difficult in the same way going to Lawrence is difficult: you’re not at home and they tackle you harder than the practice squad team does and that’s about it.

TCU at home in November is difficult but when you basically have two months off between big games you should be able to put them away on the blue turf.

Circle at San Diego State on your calendars folks. Boise will be coming off that slugfest with the Horned Frogs and if SDSU’s home football crowd is anything like its home hoops crowd then Chris Peterson is in for a long night. Plus, Ryan Lindley is the best quarterback in the country you’ve never heard of and Boise knows this is their last hurdle for perfection.

Synopsis: the schedule is not difficult. Georgia is down and TCU won’t be as good as they have been. The saving grace for OSU is the fact that even if Peterson runs the table again it shouldn’t be enough to keep them ahead of the BCS conference Cowboys if both teams are 12-0 four months from now.

And if it does? That is, let’s say OSU, Bama, and Boise go undefeated and Bama plays Boise for the crown, I’ll probably go on a ten to twelve day saga around Christmas in which I don’t shave, sustain myself on a daily diet of frozen grapes and whole wheat tortillas, lose 35-40 pounds, and just watch the OU Fiesta Bowl game on and endless loop. In other words, I’ll be inconsolable.

How worried I am:       (out of 10)

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