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Inside the Box Score: Baylor



Going inside the box score of yesterday’s game. Conclusion: the more players this team loses, the better this team seems to play. That has to stop at some point, right? I mean we can’t lose Markel, Cobbins, and Page and beat KU, can we??

1. There is not a planet upon which Baylor, and its multiple future first round picks, should ever shoot as many three pointers as OSU when OSU is as depleted inside as it was for this game. That was one of the two things that kept OSU in it during the second half (Brian Williams being the other).

2. Second half rebounding stats: OSU offensive boards – 5, Baylor offensive boards – 6, OSU defensive boards – 11, Baylor defensive boards – 13. Again, OSU has one viable player over 6’7. ONE.

3. Not his best game but you can see good things happen with the ball in his hands. In fact, since the Iowa State game he’s had assist totals of 11 – 1 – 2 – 2 – 2 – 4. It’s not great, but it’s better than OSU has gotten from its point guards in the last two seasons.

4. Again, ONE player over 6’7 and they double up the longest team in the country in blocks.

5. Brian Williams in his last nine games: 39-80 from the field (48.8%). Keiton Page in his last nine games: 35-104 from the field (33.7%).

6. OSU’s last five games: 97-108 from the line (89.8%).

7. This is what happens in the second half of conference games when you’re running guys for 38-39 minutes a night. I’m not blaming Ford (because what is he supposed to do?) but OSU would be well-served to try and get to the line as much as possible in the second halves of games with the way they’re shooting free throws right now. Then again, when you do that you run the risk of picking up offensive fouls, and then you’re hamstrung because Grayson George, Mason Cox, and Christien Sager are going to be running offensive sets in Allen Fieldhouse. And (no offense fellas, because I like all of you) NOBODY wants that.

Enjoy the Super Bowl tonight…or just watch this instead.

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