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Inside The Box Score: Texas



Inside the Box Score is a postgame feature here on PFB where we take a closer look at what went down in OSU’s most recent basketball or football game.

1. He’ll never stay all four years but the dude can ball. Might come down to him, Le’Bryan, and Quincy Miller for freshman of the year laurels.

2. The three referees for this game (all Big 12 refs…not to be confused with All-Big 12 refs) all average calling about 38 fouls a game so this was ridiculous even for them. As my dad mentioned after the game though, it’s not like there were a ton of ticky-tack calls, Texas was just committing really dumb fouls.

3. I wish there was some site that did total points scored by a starting five. There’s no way OSU isn’t leading the country in this, is there?

4. This is the most encouraging 6-8 conference record in the history of 6-8 conference records.

5. It got lost, but Nash played really well. He took great shots, made no-look passes, and generally did the things 5-star first year players are supposed to do.

6. Markel is leading all guards in the Big 12 in rebounding with 142. Marcus Denmon has 141 and Rodney McGruder has 138.

7. It says a lot about OSU’s ability to maintain a lead when you realize they only shot 36% in the second half and still won by double digits. That and the first official #LobStilly crowd.

8. Cowboys set a record for FT attempted (old one was in 1994 against LSU) and tied the second most FT made in a game (Wichita State – 1955).

9. Is it Mar-CUS! Mar-CUS! or MARC-us! MARC-us! ???

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