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Iowa State nerd box score

Some encouraging numbers here for the Iowa State game.



Nerd Box

I added some efficiency numbers to the nerd box score this week. Offensive efficiency is basically just how many yards you gained against that team compared to how many yards it usually gives up (higher number is better). And same thing on defense — how many yards you held your opponent to compared to its season average (this time lower is better). Here’s a good explanation.

OSU wasn’t as good on offense or defense as it seemed compared to how ISU usually performs. But I would imagine ISU also doesn’t get 19 drives in its normal games.

One extremely interesting thing to me was that ISU only had five drives that reached OSU territory (of 19) but scored on four of them — four TDs and a fumble, to be exact.

The Pokes continue to get unreal field position on a consistent basis — its own 38 was the worst of the last three games.

Also, Gundy said on Sunday “we left a lot of points on the board [against Iowa State]” But it actually didn’t. It only left four points on the board on drives in which it got inside ISU’s 25 (compared to the 39 (!) it left on the table against TCU last week).

Now if we want to talk about an inability to string drives together, that’s a different conversation.

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