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Is Defending The Pass Really The Problem?



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Photo Attribution: Nielsen Network & O’Colly

All we’ve heard from the media, fans, and even coaches and players: gotta get better at defending the pass, we’ll be all right if we do that!

Is that true though?

Let’s go back and look at OSU through four games last year vs. OSU through four games this year[1. As what I felt like was a fair adjustment, I threw out the Savannah State game.].


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“Better teams in 2011!” you say?

I guess, kind of. Average national rank in ypp of 2011 opponents was 33. Average this year was 42 (again, throwing out all the Savannah stats).

The main reason we’re 2-2 this year as opposed to 4-0 last year, despite being better against the pass in 2012:

2011: 3.25 turnovers/game through four games.
2012: .667 turnover/game through three games (throwing out Savannah).

Bill Young said something interesting in his presser yesterday:

We’re playing a defense that’s designed to stop the run, and you’ve got to stop the run before you do anything else. We feel good about those guys.

That’s all fine and good, but as fans let’s not throw the secondary under the bus just yet.

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