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Is Le’Bryan Nash good against top 25 teams?



Photo Attribution: US Presswire

Photo Attribution: US Presswire

Le’Bryan Nash is an issue right now — I think we’re all aware of that. It seemed to me like one of the problems is that he was playing really well against the Tennessee Techs of the world and not so well against the Gonzagas and Kansas’.

Enter OKC Dave.

I commissioned him to do some research for me the other day about how Le’Bryan performs against teams grouped in various rankings.

All these stats came before the Texas Tech and Baylor games. Rankings are via

Screen shot 2013-01-22 at 12.07.51 PM

Eff is efficiency as described here.

As I thought, he’s been horrendous against top 25 teams. Truly just awful.

On the flip side, he’s been pretty good against teams ranked between 26-50 and cleaned up against garbage teams.

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