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It took David Glidden a while to learn the words to OSU’s alma mater

No. 13 brought a 13-year-old kid on the field after the ISU game and admitted he used to not know the words to the alma mater.



David Glidden makes a play against UTSA (USATSI)

David Glidden makes a play against UTSA (USATSI)

We get so wrapped up in arguing about Mike Gundy vs. Mike Yurcich and who QB1 should be that I think we sometimes miss the best stuff about college football.

The Sporting News had a really cool post earlier this week about a 13-year-old with a brain tumor named Tristan Schwartz.

Schwartz attended the Iowa State game, met Rickie Fowler (didn’t know who he was!), and got to be on the field with David Glidden after the game.

Here’s the Glidden story:

“As soon as the horn sounded [Cowboys wide receiver] David Glidden ran as fast as could over to the kids and stood arm in arm with my son,” Bill said. “It was a really cool moment.”

Tristan was ecstatic to be on the field but a little unsure about the words to the Oklahoma State song but that’s when Glidden stepped up and gave him a tip he used when he first got to Stillwater.

“Glidden asked me if I knew the words and I said no,” Tristan said. “He said just mumble, that’s what I did my first year.”

That is just tremendous — all the way around. From the generosity to Schwartz getting to be on the field to the hilarity of Glidden not knowing any words to the alma mater.

For whatever reason it made me laugh and take pause.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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