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It’s June so let’s talk about OSU’s Vegas odds

Big 12, national title, and game-by-game lines for the Pokes.



NCAA Football: Cotton Bowl-Oklahoma State vs Missouri

It’s late June, the US Open is over, and the offseason is in full swing — kid porn, stabbings, the whole thing.

The FSU game is still 10+ weeks away but whatever, let’s talk about this OSU football season.

If you’ve been listening to Glenn Spencer and Mike Gundy you probably expect us to go 1-11 with 20 of our 22 starters being true freshmen. They’re more cautious about this team than the New China manager was when Byron Eaton and friends came in for the buffet.

Vegas sees it differently, though. Here’s what they’ve set as OSU’s Big 12 title odds, odds to get to win it all, and lines for the first few games (for the first two I included the teams around OSU and any other notables).

Big 12

Oklahoma 2-5
Baylor 5-2
Texas 5-1
Oklahoma State 13-2
Kansas State 8-1
TCU 10-1
Texas Tech 25-1
Iowa State 100-1
West Virginia 100-1
Kansas 125-1

We already went over these here. I think OSU is a bad value play to win the Big 12.

Title Game Odds

via Bovada

Miami: 75-1
Nebraska: 75-1
Oklahoma State: 75-1
Kansas State: 100-1
Tennessee: 100-1
Texas Tech: 100-1

2000 me just looked at the names on this list and got giddy. 2014 me thinks 75-1 is a fair number for OSU. You could go as high as 125-1 and maybe as low as 60-1 just out of respect for what Gundy has done. The Wynn numbers had OSU opening at 35-1 and they’re not at 85-1. So that’s something.

Game Lines

via Golden Nugget

Florida State (-17) over Oklahoma State
Oklahoma State (-7) over Texas Tech
Oklahoma State (-19) over WVU
Kansas State (-3.5) over Oklahoma State
Oklahoma State (-2) over Texas

That WVU line is haughty. I know we get them in Stillwater but I’m not sure we’re 19 points better than anybody in the conference that doesn’t have a legendary basketball program right now. I could be wrong.

The Tech line seems a touch high as well. I’d feel better about it at -6 or -4 or something like that. It’s at home on a Thursday, though, and we seem to play pretty well in those games.

That Texas line makes me giddy, by the way. That’s going to be another jewel.

I don’t know about you guys but I’m pretty ready for August to be here.

Photo Attrubution: USATSI

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