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J.W. Walsh on Close Games: ‘They’re Hard on Our Fans to Watch’

Yeah, no kidding J.W.



J.W. Walsh obviously played a huge role in OSU’s 33-26 win over West Virginia last week. He was empathetic towards Oklahoma State fans.

“I can’t remember watching one football team have this many close games in a row like we have,” said Walsh. “It’s going to help us. They’re hard on our fans to watch. They’re hard on us. But if you keep coming away with victories, late in the season they’re going to help you out a lot.”

Then he said something that really interested me.

“We haven’t exactly put together a complete game,” said Walsh. “And right now you don’t want to. You want to do that the last game of the season. Going into your bowl week.”

That’s page one of the Mike Gundy coaching Bible. And this schedule sets up perfectly for it. I talked about that with Carson Cunningham in our podcast on Thursday. They could have not caught a better break with how everything has played out.

Will they capitalize on it? Who knows, but if there ever was a year …

Walsh also tries to buoy the offensive line by saying they’ve done a really good job. I appreciate the sentiment and Walsh’s leadership but I don’t really think that’s true.

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