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J.W. Walsh: ‘We All Have Each Other’s Back’



If OSU’s football team has a soul, it’s J.W. Walsh. He speaks eloquently here about how he tried to help lead his squad through the tragedy on Saturday in Stillwater.

“It was just different,” said Walsh. “The moment it kind of hit everybody was when we walked out on The Walk. It was quiet. It was probably the most quiet The Walk has been for us.

“That was kind of the moment we were all taken back. We were like, ‘let’s gather our thoughts here.’ And then some of the leaders on the football team talked about it and were like ‘all right, they need us. At least for a few hours. Maybe ease some of the people’s minds or take the pain away just for the few hours the game was going.

“We took it upon ourselves to get the rest of the team on board with that. I think we handled the situation very well as far as the game goes and trying to accomplish what we wanted to accomplish.

“It was one of the moments when the community needs us. And we needed them just as much as they needed us. That’s something that’s so special about this place. We all have each other’s back.”

The General didn’t get his nickname for no reason.

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