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Jerry Jones Changes His Tune on Brandon Weeden



Brandon Weeden threw for almost 250 yards and a TD against the Saints on Sunday night, but his owner still (sort of) threw him under the bus (I think) after the game.

“I thought he did real good,” owner Jerry Jones told the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram.

OK, we’re good so far.

“He did good all night long. He took his initial look and threw it. ”

Wait, I thought you said he threw him under the bus? All I see is praise for No. 3 so far.

“He does some real good things, though it’s not quite apples and oranges when the guy on the other side of the deal is Brees and you’re dealing with a guy who is as limited as Weeden.”

“We got in it even running out of time, or short-handed, in 2-minute or what have you, then these quarterbacks like Brees make a difference.”

Except, uh, Weeden was the one who tied it up with less than two minutes left, Jerry. All this on the heels of Jones trying to induct Weeden into the Hall of Fame recently.

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