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Joe Bob Clements says Emmanuel Ogbah is ‘Good at Being a Good Person’



George Schroeder is one of the kindest folks in a sports media world rife with snark and angst. So it’s only fitting that he got this quote from defensive line coach Joe Bob Clements about Emmanuel Ogbah.

Schroeder wrote a great profile of Ogbah for USA Today this week and Clements told a hilarious story about how he was showing a recruit and his family around campus and it looked as if he staged Ogbah walking through the Student Union carrying textbooks so the recruit’s family would feel good about him going to Oklahoma State.

“Here’s an All-America candidate who’s gonna be a high draft pick walking through the student union with real books,” says Clements, laughing — and insisting:

“It appeared to be set up. It was not set up.”

But Clements goes a lot deeper than that.

“He’s good at what he does,” Clements says. “He’s good at being a good person, teammate, student and obviously he’s good at being a football player. I’d like to think he’s not unique, but I’m smart enough to recognize that guys that are that strong in everything don’t necessarily come around every day.”

The whole thing is tremendous and includes Mike Gundy calling Florida State’s offensive linemen “good, not great.” You should read it.

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