John Bolding Breaks down Recruitment and Potential Package Deal with Tayland Humphrey

John Bolding
Written by Kyle Boone

Tayland Humphrey is one of the top-ranked junior college prospects in the country. With close to 30 scholarship offers, the four-star defensive tackle has plenty of schools vying for his services—OSU included. His younger brother John Bolding is a high school offensive lineman who also has his share of offers.

But Humphrey’s recruitment, and the recruitment of his younger brother Bolding, are two entirely different processes. And that’s what makes OSU a legitimate contender to land them both in the 2018 cycle.

“They told me I had my own scholarship,” the younger Bolding said an interview with Pistols Firing on Thursday. “They said they were recruiting me as an offensive lineman. He [Josh Henson] was like, ‘You can redshirt if you want. Every freshmen has that option.’ He explained to me that I had my own scholarship and it wasn’t because of my brother. It was because of me.”

Because of Humphrey’s notoriety nationally in recruiting circles, Bolding—a late riser in the class of 2018—can be seen as an afterthought. But the 2018 offensive lineman from Klein Oak High School has the talent that deserves to be taken seriously. OSU is doing exactly that. And it’s why OSU is at the top of his board right now.

The Sauce brothers on an unofficial visit recently.

“It made me feel better,” Bolding said about OSU’s approach to recruit him separately from his brother, “because I honestly don’t know if a college is going to offer me because of me and my talents or because of my brother, you know, because my brother is like one of the top junior colleges players in the nation. When they told me they were recruiting me for me, it meant a lot more to me.”

Bolding is a 6-foot-3, 300-pound offensive guard with offers from FIU, Stephen F. Austin, Prairie View A&M and McNeese State. But with OSU in the mix, it makes them an instant contender because it meets Humphrey’s stipulation about his recruitment moving forward.

“Him and I are going to decide together,” said Bolding. “Most likely … we are going to play together. He told me that he will not take an official visit unless they offer me too. And we’re sticking to that.”

With OSU in Bolding’s top 2 as it stands now, the Pokes have a chance to snag not only him — but also his brother, who could fill a huge void in the 2018 class. But don’t call it a package deal. They may be brothers, but they are their own separate entities on the recruiting trail. Even if they end up committing to the same school down the line.

“Right now I’m just focused on finding the school that offers me the best education,” Bolding said, emphasizing that early playing time and a chance to contribute isn’t his only priority.  “You can’t always depend on football. I want to go somewhere to be pushed to my full potential, I want to be challenged not only as a football player, but as a man and as a student.”

  • JoeState

    Great read. Really respect the way John Bolding is approaching his recruitment along with his older brother. We would be lucky to get both of these young men. John Bolding is a heck of a prospect in his own right and will be a great prospect to sign for our oline. Anybody that questions that is not paying attention. Henson can recognize talent and John Bolding has earned an OSU offer by his own merit and not based off anything his brother has done or is doing. Sign John Bolding and watch him takeoff in our program and be just as valuable to osu as his older brother would be! Trust me when I say we want both of these kids and their family to join the OSU family! Go Cowboys!

    • Mark

      You could be right about Bolding’s talent. It sounds like you know a heckuva lot more about him than I do. But I kinda chuckle at the way this is portrayed. “It’s not a package deal.” Bull! It is ABSOLUTELY a package deal – the brothers are making sure of that whether any particular university wants them or not. The only way little bro is going to be sure that a university truly wants him for his talent alone is if he goes somewhere else.

      Henson may see talent in the rough… I hope he does… but look at the recruits he’s brought in… Bolding could be riding the bench for the next four years while his brother starts. I don’t blame the two for wanting to stick together, but it appears that they are using Humphrey’s status to hold Bolding for ransom. It’s a smart way to earn a scholly for him, that’s for sure. It sounds like a good education is important to him. But I can’t help but feel a little dirty about it… too easy for a university to lie to a young man… too easy for him to feel like he didn’t earn it himself.

      • JoeState

        First of all, unless we really know what’s fully going on we probably shouldn’t even comment on it. We are playing guessing games even if we feel our guess is correct. I’ll put it to you this way…..think of recruits that are low rated and not highly recruited that blow up once they get to school….james Washington ring a bell? Think of kids who aren’t highly recruited that go to JUCO and all the sudden everybody wants them after two years when hardly anybody did two years earlier. Look at John Bolding’s frame and his work ethic on his own merit. I’ll tell you right now if he went the JUCO route in two years he would be highly recruited. Get him with coach Glass and Henson and this young man is going to take off. I’ll also put it to you this way, Henson isn’t the type of coach to offer a scholly for a package deal. He is offering the scholly because he sees John’s talent on the Oline just as was stated in the article. We really need to stop trying to figure everything out and trust that our coaching staff knows what they are doing. I can tell you this case that absolutely do and I restate we want both of these two at osu for their own talent and reasons alone not for the reasons of others. And yes they are a package deal, they are family and we want their family to be apart of the OSU family but that has nothing to do with anything more then these two brothers wanting to play together in college…….and I would want to do the exact same thing if I had this opportunity with my brother. Good gosh guys can’t we just be excited if we end up landing these two???? It would be a huge deal for the future of our oline and dline.

        • BBJD

          It’s like treating Tracin Wallace as a throw in just because his brother is slightly higher rated. Both these two quality players capable of making an impact in their college careers acting any other way is a disservice to the players and the program.

          • guest

            Comparing the wallace twins to these two brothers is literally apples and oranges….tracin wallace actually had quality FBS offers while bolding doesnt. The talent was never an issue and no one question it, as his ACL injury cost him offers. Tracin is an elite athlete in his own right. We’ll see what happens, even though they say their a package deal, things change especially if big time schools aren’t comfortable making an offer to take both of them.

        • guest

          I dont think it would a huge deal for our OL, but DL absolutely. I’m sorry i cant go there, but time will tell what will happen….just my opinion though

      • guest

        ^^^^THIS….its a package deal who we kidding. Anyone who says otherwise is lying through their teeth. Not necessarily a bad thing. I mean Humphrey has offers from bama, miami, LSU, FSU, Tennessee and numerous of other schools. I dont see those schools pulling the trigger and offering but you never know. A few years ago, Josh Wariboko and max wariboko wanted to play together and were a package deal, but didn’t work out in the end. We’ll see if this will go through

  • PonchoPete

    Remember when Herschel Sims and his cousin were a package deal?

  • Paul Bohannon

    What is a package deal? Won’t take one without the other? BS, we would take either or both. KOak is great football. I’m looking forward to their acceptances. They are great folks!

    • Guest

      The brothers have made it a package deal, with Humphrey saying he won’t go anywhere that his brother is not offered. I sincerely doubt we’d offer Bolding on his own.