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Update: Orange and Black Matches Will Not be Streamed

PFB has learned the event won’t be streamed.



UPDATE: PFB has learned the Orange and Black matches scheduled for Sunday will not be streamed despite Oklahoma State coach John Smith sounding optimistic about it last week.

There has been a lot buzz surrounding Oklahoma State’s Orange and Black matches that John Smith brought up in early November.

Last week the schedule was announced but there were still some questions as to how Oklahoma State’s Orange and Black ranking match would work this year and many have directed this one to me. Namely, is the event going to be streamed?

In the schedule release OSU has a Jan. 3 date for the Orange and Black match with a noon start time. It shows that each event denoted with an asterisk “Will be broadcasted on Big 12 Now on ESPN+”. The ranking matches do not have that asterisk in the release.

Further, there is an updated schedule on the website that doesn’t include the Orange and Black match listed in the schedule and thus provides no additional details on the event, which ultimately leads one to expect that it may not be streamed this year.

So to get to the bottom of it, we asked Coach Smith at the last media availability if he had any details, and here was his response.

Marshall Scott: “There wasn’t a stream linked to the ranking matches. Do you know if there’s any way that people that aren’t able to make it to the arena are going to be able to watch those?

John Smith: “I think so. My understanding is that you will be able to watch it. The TV and the streaming for all these matches, my understanding is they will be televised, all four of our events, including the fifth which is the Orange and Black Ranking matches.

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