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Join the 2015 bracket challenge, prizes to top three

Lots of prizes are on the line for the top finishers in this year’s bracket challenge.



You can join the 2015 PFB bracket challenge here on Yahoo. I’ll be giving away prizes to the top three brackets. Here are those prizes:

1st prize: Oklahoma State eBay gift (up to $30)

I’ve been perusing eBay for the last 30 minutes trying to find something to give away and I realize I might as well just leave it up to the winner.

There are approximately 1.4 million Oklahoma State things alone on eBay (would you like a vintage OSU sweatshirt? Or maybe a black corduroy Pistol Pete hat?) and I’ll personally buy and ship one of them to you if you win (as long as it’s $30 or less).

2nd prize: Two bags of Hoboken coffee

You should be buying all your coffee from Hoboken anyway (to sip with your Daily Bullets), but I’ll buy two bags for whoever snags second place in the challenge.

3rd prize: PFB shirt

If you don’t win, you can still buy one.


Last place gets this.

Please contact me on Twitter (@pistolsguy) or via email (pistolsfiringblog at if you finish in the top three.

I always try to give stuff away every year and nobody ever follows up!

Let’s try to get this thing to 500 people this season (we had around 450 last year). Also, you should definitely pick Oklahoma State to beat Oregon and Wisconsin and get to the Sweet 16. This team is a Cinderella-in-waiting.

Go sign up.

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