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Justin Blackmon Arrested For Second DUI



So we’re back here again, huh? After two years of “Justin Blackmon is a great guy, see he’s friends with a cancer patient and loves his community” features on ESPN [1. And to be fair, for any non-OSU people reading this post, those stories are totally legit, given that he was friends with Olivia Hamilton well before the first arrest. It just has begun to feel like there are multiple narratives going on here] following his 2010 DUI in Dallas, we’re left wondering about his decision-making and whether or not he’s ready for the life that comes with being able to do something better than seven billion other people.

Justin Blackmon was arrested at around 3 AM in Stillwater for an aggrevated DUI after a night of apparently partying at Murphy’s. He blew a .24 which is somewhere between drunk and dead if we’re keeping score of these things.

This coming days after he was publicly criticized by his coach for not knowing the Jags playbook [2. Draw your own conclusions here but it doesn’t seem to me like the best response to a coach calling you out for not being studious enough is to go home and drink an amount of alcohol generally associated with not even being able to recite the alphabet.].

I’ve always felt like Blackmon was kind of a different dude, never one for the spotlight, even appearing at times indifferent or reclusive, so part of me wonders if there’s something else, something more serious than “oh he’s just shy.” Obviously that’s complete speculation but the bottom line is that if you’re gettin multiple DUIs [3. Yes, I do know the details of the first DUI and that he “wasn’t really drunk,” my point is that it’s an indictment on your character to put yourself in that situation to begin with] before ever having taken an NFL snap, you need to find the root of that issue.

Other thoughts:

-Really, the person I’m most sad for today is Olivia.

-Would Gundy have kicked him off the team if this had happened last year?

-As one of my followers pointed out, you can BUY a cab company, how do you not pay to have one come pick you up?! It’s not like you blew a .09 and were like “crap, I thought I could handle that.” YOU BLEW A .24 which means you were probably struggling to walk.

-Blackmon arrests: 2. Dez arrests: 0.

-You know how the “fool me once, shame on you…” saying ends, right?

It’s been a bad week for OSU in general and OSU football specifically. Between the Frank Anderson firing, the Herschel Sims saga, and now this, I half expect to get a “hey man, just wanted to let you know Keiton was involved in a gang shooting in Pawnee” text from somebody in the next 48 hours.

I’m sad for Justin, sad for Olivia, pissed to think about everything that can happen when you drink and drive, and, as is becoming an ever-increasing theme, hesitant to put my faith and admiration on the shoulders of a flawed 22-year old.

Get better, Justin. And don’t do this again.

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