JW Walsh has been historically good

Written by OKC Dave
Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

I thought I would see J.W. Walsh stacks up against recent Big 12 quarterbacks. Using the College Football Reference Play Index, I found the stats for every QB in the Big 12 from 2009 to 2012 that attempted at least 150 passes. This ended up being a group of 50 QBs after I threw in Johnny Manziel’s Heisman-winning season as a benchmark.

Walsh’s 2012 season qualifies with 163 attempts, but I went ahead and tossed in his 2013 stats as well for this post.

Let’s look at the four components of QB Rating:

Yards / Attempt

RG3’s 10.7 is the highest number in college football in the past decade.

Completion Percentage

Typically, your higher-percentage passers are “dink and dunk” guys who throw a ton of easy-to-complete short passes. The elite QBs are the ones who can manage a high completion percentage while still throwing the ball down the field. Walsh rates highly in both categories. So do RG3, Geno Smith, Weeden, Manziel, and David Ash. Wait, what?

TDs / Attempts

Last season, Dayne Crist threw 4 TDs on 216 attempts. Walsh has 17 TDs on 217 attempts in his career.

INT / Attempt

I love this one. So far, Walsh has been very careful with the football. Let’s give Zac a break for his 2009 season. He lost Dez, Kendall, and his health for big chunks of that season.

QB Rating

Top 5 in every category: RG3

Top 10 in every category: RG3, Walsh, Geno Smith

By the way, Walsh is No. 2 in this group of 50 in yards/rush at 6.4, trailing only Johnny Manziel at 7.0. I also calculated yards/touch: (passing yards + rushing yards) / (pass attempts + rush attempts). Walsh leads this category at 8.7.

It’s still a relatively small sample size — Walsh’s 217 career passing attempts are the 43rd most on this list — but so far in his career, Walsh is doing very well against his peers in every important QB statistical category.

  • Scott H

    Nice objective analysis with pertinent documentation.

    If interested, send your resume to SI; they may soon have an open position to fill.

    • David Hudson

      I’ve got no chance. They don’t go for that kind of stuff.

      • Scott H

        Good point. Inarguable.
        Next time your buddy and my hero Kyle wants to rag on JW, please do something so I don’t have to. Maybe you can talk to Mrs. Pistols. Whatever. He seems to think you’re smart so maybe you can stop him.

        Besides, we need to be focused on Syria.

  • TeaTown Cowboy

    JW Football. He’s only going to get better…

  • OSU-Bill

    How bad was Cody Hawkins?!

  • htownpoke

    Wow. Good to see some stats like this to cover the gut feeling that Jay Dubs “just is a winner and knows how to win”. Stats and intangibles aligning, I like it.

  • Laith

    Oh ya we’re still in the season

  • Mark

    After watching last week’s game I am truly excited to see him play more. I’ve always admired his leadership qualities but never really thought his tangible gifts at QBing were all that special. If he can maintain stats like this, what’s to keep him out of the Heisman race? (Although IMO the award is really a farce based more on storylines and overall team record than any individual accomplishment.)

  • ChanceDM

    We needed an article like this.