Kamari Murphy wants out…or not?

Written by Kyle Porter

Kamari Murphy sent a tweet Herschel Sims would have been proud of after OSU’s bout with WVU on Saturday, here’s a screenshot below.

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 9.06.40 AM


He covered his tracks later by deleting the tweet and issuing this semi-apology:

Well if it didn’t have to do with basketball then why’d you delete it?

No, it did have to do with basketball and most likely it had to do with Murphy’s playing time.

Consider the chart below from StatSheet.com:

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 9.11.21 AM


Since Mike Cobbins has returned, Murphy’s minutes have plummeted.

This is a classic case of expectations though. Tell any middling high school recruit they’d be getting 15+ minutes for a good Big 12 team in the middle of a conference race and I guarantee you they’d be fired up.

But play that freshman 30+ minutes early in the season against good teams (albeit on account of the Cobbins injury) and then take away their minutes when conference starts and we have issues.

It’s unfortunate too because I like Murphy’s game a lot — he’ll take his lumps as a frosh, as most freshmen do, and be a viable contributor for four years here.

Unless he “gets out.”

  • BostonPoke

    May be it wasn’t related to basketball but because of unnecessary attention he had to delete it.

    • mcg20k

      It was posted like 5 minutes after the WVU game. I find it hard to think it was something else.

      • LeBryan Nash

        OR…. Maybe his gf told him she wanted to date a bball player that got more PT. So, he wants out of his relationship. (Jk)

  • Kyle

    It would not be a Travis Ford basketball team or season without a major injury and a player transfer. It’s only a matter of time for the later to happen.

  • Matt

    He tweeted about 15 minutes after that not everything he tweets about is about basketball.

  • mike leach

    Maybe Ford locked him in the equipment closet. So he tweeted something while waiting.

  • Maybe Ford hacked his account and posted it. We can all dream.

  • KC

    If Murphy wants out too this is just further proof that Ford is a train wreck. He may be one heck of a recruiter but he’s (Sir Charles voice) turrible at creating team chemistry and the whole team concept. After Puerto Rico I thought this year would be different…..it’s not. Eddie’s teams weren’t always great but they always played hard and had good chemistry. Fords teams…..well they don’t.