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Kansas, man, Kansas

Things are not pretty for the cellar dwellers of the Big 12.




Let’s talk, Kansas.

Your fieldhouse is as pure as sport gets. I’ve been there when it’s swaying and I didn’t find myself wanting to be anywhere else on the planet.

Watching Bill Self adjust the back of his hair while guiding your squad to 10 straight league titles makes me want to put on a Brian Montonati jersey and drink bourbon straight from the bottle.

I’m sure your football team makes you want to do the same.

This story about a fan emailing Kansas’ AD in regards to KU futility on the gridiron and why Charlie Weis should be fired went from funny to sad even funnier in a hurry.

Look at this response!

“We appreciate your input and hope you will continue to support the Kansas Jayhawks. Please know that we are fully aware of your frustration and we are watching this situation closely. Our team values your support; we hope you will stick with us through this challenging time. Thank you and Rock Chalk.”

We are watching this situation closely!

Is it a weather cell gathering steam on the eastern seaboard?!

Weis, for his part, is in “I don’t even care” mode.

“The players should just shut up,” Weis said earlier this year. “That’s what the players should do. They should be happy they won the game. They don’t need to comment on focus. They don’t need to comment on the crowd. They should comment on their play.”

Oh the traffic I would get if Mike Gundy ever said something like that!

I queried Big 12 totals for the last six seasons and it is all kinds of sad for KU:

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 3.24.57 PM

I don’t know what’s happening in Lawrence but it might be time to start watching that situation even more closely.

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