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Kyle Crutchmer Wins Second MMA Fight at XFN 350



Kyle Crutchmer picked up a dominant win in his second MMA fight by submission early in the second round over Rocky Rosas on Friday night. Crutchmer controlled the fight, which was part of XFN 350, but Rosas put up a bit more resistance than most expected.

I spoke with Kyle a while back and he explained to me it had been tough for him to find fights. It was cool to see a guy step in and actually go after him in this one. Even though Kyle clearly had the upper hand in the fight, Rosas didn’t just lay down. He landed some shots and put up a good fight.

It was announced that Rosas had started out weighing over 200 pounds before moving down to welterweight and starting his MMA career. They stated he had started MMA as an attempt to get into shape and lost down to welterweight in the process. He still didn’t make weight for the fight. I’m not sure what he weighed in at, but it was announced that he didn’t make weight and Kyle agreed to take the fight even with Rosas overweight.

Early they stood and exchanged blows for a bit, then Crutchmer took him down and grounded and worked for a submission most of the first. He wasn’t able to lock anything down, but clearly controlled the fight early. In the second Rosas came out swinging and landed some shots, but Crutchmer quickly took him down and eventually locked up a submission and finished off the fight.

Former Cowboys Brian Crutchmer and Alex Dieringer were in Kyle’s corner for the fight.

In the post match interview they asked for Crutchmer’s thoughts on the fight. His response?

“I did what I do best, which is go in and wrestle,” said Crutchmer. “If people hate it, f**k them.”

No word on when Kyle’s next fight will be.

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