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Larry Reece Announces He is Cancer Free

Larry Reece is cancer free.



Larry Reece, THE voice of the Cowboys, announced on Twitter Friday that his recent PET scan showed no cancer. He has been cleared just in time for football season, which starts in 34 days.

Reece had been diagnosed at the end of football season last year.

I’m going to get through this,” Reece told the Tulsa World. “It’s going to be a two-month hell ride, but I’ve got a big posse riding with me. It’s been amazing how many people have reached out to me. (Dallas Cowboys backup quarterback) Brandon Weeden took the time to contact me, and he’s trying to get ready for a playoff game. I’ve heard from so many good people. The last couple of days, my phone has blown up, and it’s been awesome.

“It’s unbelievable how large my OSU family is, and it makes me feel really good.”

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