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Le’Bryan Nash: ‘They gave us an opportunity to play for a championship’

It’s not communism, you guys. Le’Bryan talks about the opportunity in front of OSU.



Le'Bryan Nash has never won a NCAA Tournament game. (USATSI)

Le’Bryan Nash has never won a NCAA Tournament game. (USATSI)

Today will mark the 126th game of Le’Bryan Nash’s up and down NCAA career. One of the few things he hasn’t done yet is win a game in the NCAA tournament.

In his two previous outing he put up a 10-3-2-1 line against Oregon as a sophomore and a lackluster 6-1-0-1 last year against Gonzaga.

“We need this win. I haven’t won a NCAA Tournament (game) since I’ve been here so that would be good. I can’t wait until they throw that ball up.”

Nash also does a great job of capturing what John Calipari noted on Thursday is “not communism” or the opposite of communism.

It seems so easy sometimes. Just win six straight games and you’re the champs.

“We have an opportunity to do something,” said Nash. “They gave us an opportunity to play for a national championship. When you have an opportunity, you have step through and try to do something about it.

“It’s anybody’s game. You see what’s happening. It’s anybody.”

I don’t think anyone is under the illusion that OSU is going to win it all this season, or even make it to the Final Four. But I do think the fog of the Dance has set in on everybody.

It really is anybody at this point. Anything can happen. Even Travis Ford winning in March (maybe).

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