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Let’s look at some of these quotes from the golf media outing

Glenn Spencer does not love his defense, Mike Yurcich on JW Patton, and OSU is insanely deep at WR.



OSU coaches not named Mike Gundy met with the media on Wednesday at a golf outing at Karsten Creek.

There was some pretty good stuff said and some stuff that, well, some stuff that was said that is probably the reason we have sports blogs. Here’s a look (my thoughts are in non-italics)..

Glenn Spencer

“I want to be good everywhere, but if you had to single out the positives, there aren’t many in my mind right now.”


Mike Yurcich

On JW Patton: “He’s an extremely good leader. The best leader is a leader by example, and that’s what he does. He works so hard and sets a great example with everything he does, so it’s great to have him as one of the leaders of our team.”

But does he lead?[1. That’s four “leader” usages in eight seconds, by the way.]

Joe Bob Clements

On Florida State: “It’s going to be a tremendous challenge. They didn’t accidentally win the national championship.”

No, no they did not. This will be me after about 10 minutes agains the champs, I’m afraid:

Van Malone

“As a coach, I’m excited because of Kevin Peterson.”

As a fan, I’m excited because of Kevin Peterson.

Kasey Dunn

On the receivers: “I think we’re going to be good for several years to come. We don’t lose anyone after this season. We don’t have any senior scholarship players, just a couple of juniors. We’ll have a chance, if we put something good on the table this fall, to be solid for a number of years.”

That’s insane.

Tim Duffie

On the safeties: “I feel really good. I think we’ve got a lot of good talent coming back. Obviously a very youthful football team, but I like our kids’ conditioning every day, their intensity and I think they’ll be focusing on becoming better each and every game.”

Glenn Spencer, your thoughts on this quote?

Jemal Singleton

On The Freek: “He has a speed not many people get the chance to see so he can definitely run. We’ll see what he does on Saturdays when it matters, but he’s done a great job so far.”

Is there anyone who isn’t a 10/10 excited about seeing Tyreek Hill against Florida State? It’s like Dante Exum meets Russell Westbrook meets Tatum Bell. Jerryworld might not be able to handle the centrifugal force of his fandom.

Bob Connelly

On working at OSU: “I absolutely love it. Coach Gundy is a class act. I absolutely love working for him. He’s a great leader and family man. I have a great appreciation for the job that he’s done since he’s been here.

Obviously the reputation speaks for itself. The success that they’ve had over the last six years is exceptional. Winning 10 games a year over the last five years is exceptional. When you’re a game short of having 60 wins in a six-year period, that’s very good.”

I really like Bob Connelly. Also, when is the last time Joe Wickline said “I absolutely love working for Mike Gundy”? Had to be about 2007, right?

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