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Let’s talk about the OSU depth chart

All of the ORs at QB, all of the freshmen on defense (!), and some confusion at WR. Let’s take a look.




Mike Gundy is a world class secret-keeper so Saturday was the first time we got a glimpse of the OSU depth chart (as in, we watched the game).

I wanted to take a look back at the two deep with a little bit of commentary.

Position Starter Class Backup Class
Left tackle Daniel Koenig Sr. Michael Wilson So.
Left guard Chris Grigsby Sr. Jack Kurzu Fr.
Center Paul Lewis So. Grant Canis So.
Right guard Zac Veatch So. Jesse Robinson Fr.
Right tackle Zach Crabtree Fr. Brandon Garrett Sr.
Receiver Chris Lacy Fr. Marcell Ateman So.
Receiver David Glidden Jr. Ra’Shaad Samples Fr.
Receiver Brandon Sheperd Jr. Blake Webb So.
Receiver Jhajuan Seales So. CJ Curry So.
Running back Desmond Roland Sr. Tyreek Hill Jr.
Fullback Jeremy Seaton Jr. Teddy Johnson Sr.
Tight end Jeremy Seaton Jr. Blake Jarwin So.
Quarterback JW Walsh Jr. Daxx Garman Jr.

Notes and thoughts:

• I’m confused by the Chris Lacy thing. tells me Marcell Ateman started instead but Lacy was listed first on the OSU depth chart. Either way I think we can all agree that the top four guys in some order are Seales, Sheperd, Ateman, and Glidden.

• As someone on Twitter suggested this week we should just replace whoever the QB is at OSU with the word “or.”

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 3.21.28 PM

There were a few other “ORs” (like Childs and Tyreek at RB) but I just listed the first guy for the sake of the integrity of my tables here.

• No real surprises anywhere else though I do love seeing five freshmen on that two deep. Also, it’s probably not the greatest thing to have Jeremy Seaton starting at two positions for you…?

• Speaking of Seaton — remember the days of Brandon Pettigrew and Alonzo Mayes? It’s unfortunate the TE position has gone the way of cassette tapes and VHS players. RIP TE Fade on NCAA Football. Actually, RIP NCAA Football.

Onto the defense.

Position Starter Class Backup Class
End Emmanuel Ogbah So. Trace Clark Jr.
Tackle James Castleman Sr. Eric Davis So.
Tackle Ofa Hautau Sr. Vincent Taylor Fr.
End Jimmy Bean Jr. Sam Wren Sr.
STAR LB Josh Furman Sr. Gyasi Akem Fr.
MLB Ryan Simmons Jr. Demarcus Sherod So.
WLB Seth Jacobs So. Justin Phillips Fr.
Cornerback Kevin Peterson Jr. Juwan Offray Fr.
Strong safety Larry Stephens Sr. Tre Flowers Fr.
Free safety Jordan Sterns So. Dylan Harding Fr.
Cornerback Ashton Lampkin Jr. Ramon Richards Fr.

Notes and thoughts:

• Look at all those freshmen backups, my gosh. This defense is going to be good this year and potentially elite in 2015.

• Remember when guys who looked like Trace Clark used to be no-doubt starters on the defensive line? Now they can barely get PT.

• I don’t know how long you can keep Akem from starting. He is an insanely large, gifted human being.

• Deric Robertson (So.) isn’t listed on here but he’s listed on the two deep as a third-string free safety behind Harding. Same for Darius Curry (Fr.) at corner with Ramon Richards. Actually Curry gets the “OR” I thought was reserved for QBs.’

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