Lindy’s thinks Oklahoma State’s logo is the Oregon State beaver

Written by Kyle Porter

Screen shot 2013-05-23 at 7.18.05 AM

Oh, Lindy’s.┬áBut at least they have us ranked high!

Although it’s hard for me to complain given that the Oklahoma State bookstore used to (still does?) sell Oregon State baseball hats.

I actually asked somebody who worked at the bookstore one time if they knew they were selling Oregon State hats. Their response: “yes, we do…Cowboy fans were buying them anyway so we thought we should keep the money in-house.”


Well then.

h/t @Mengus22 and @youngyoungyoda

  • Clint Davison (@IDPokefan)

    Living in Idaho, I wear my oSu gear and I get snide remarks from Duck fans! It gets old explaining that there’s actually more than one state that starts with an “O”.

  • Yeah I was in Seatle a month ago and there was plenty of occasions where someone said oh Oregon State. I would just laugh and say no Oklahoma state

  • Kevin

    In ’09 went to Disneyworld during Halloween, my costume was that years coaches polo, khaki slacks and visor with a head set. Some guy says nice Oregon State coaches costume.

  • Sean

    I live in Alabama and until 2 years ago I got a lot of Ohio State comments. Not anymore. They know who we are!