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LOOK: Starbucks Congratulated Brad Underwood for Bedlam Sweep



When you’re the coach of one of the hottest teams in the country (which Brad Underwood himself said), people take notice around town. And Starbucks, a staple of Underwood’s daily diet, made sure they congratulated him with a special note on his daily dosage:

The best note I’ve ever got from Starbucks is a message telling me my fly’s unzipped, and I know for a fact when I tell them my name is Kyle they look up the correct spelling — then make sure to botch it. (No, my name is not spelled Cile!)

Underwood hits up the Starbucks scene on the daily, so those folks in town certainly know him well. This is a good gesture to stay in good graces and give a subtle nod to the coach of a team who is streaking to the finish line in the Big 12.

Kudos, Starbucks. Good to see you’re a fan of the good guys.

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